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How to Access Foreclosure Info for Free

We have all seen the ads everywhere advertising access to foreclosure info for a "Monthly Fee."  Well the reality is, foreclosure information is public record and therefore accessible to anyone who knows how to find it at no cost.  Sadly, most people are not aware of this and end up paying up to $50 per month to receive this so called "exclusive" information.

Each county's website should have instructions or links to their public records.  If not, you can contact the counties directly for further instructions.  If you are willing to do a little legwork on your own, there is a wealth of information available to you for free.

You can access all of the Florida County Clerk websites here:

Most municipalities now have local websites where all their public notices are posted.  This information is also printed in local newspapers.  Because we specialize in the Metro Orlando area we will demonstrate how simple it is to find Foreclosure info in one of our local counties.


This link will bring you directly to the page on the Seminole County Clerk's website where upcoming foreclosure auctions are listed.  Each case number can be accessed to find the time and place of the auction as well as the property owner's names (and sometimes address of the property).  If the property address is not provided, a simple search on the Seminole County Property Appraiser's website  will allow you to search their name to find the street address, map and public sale records of their property.

If you want to find properties that are in Pre-Foreclosure in Seminole County you can access this link:

The Document Type you would use is LP which stands for Lis Pendens, the Latin term used to describe a pending lien on a property.  You can search by a person's name, or just place a date range and you will see all the Pre-foreclosure notices that were filed during that period.  This database also allows you to see further detail on properties that are actually up for auction that you would have found in the earlier link.  Simple enter the Document Type JUDG for Judgment, and you will be able to access the actual Judgment notice that was sent to the homeowner including the amount owed to the court that is usually the starting bid at the sale auction. 

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